The Art of Getting Shit Done

The warning – everything below is based on my personal experience for this production. As always these are my ramblings so please forgive any grammar or spelling errors cause I surly did not notice them.

With the New Year bringing list of resolutions and goals to achieve in 2015 I thought I’d take a moment to comment on the art of getting shit done. Anyone who has worked with me in any capacity over the years has heard me say on more than one occasion that we are in the getting shit done business, and making a feature film is no exception. Always focusing on our end goal and not letting our egos get tied to any step along the way or our minds to get lost in the mental masturbation that is process analysis paralysis here is how we move from hopeful goal to mission accomplished.

  1. LET IT CONSUME YOU - you need to have passion for what you do and you need to let that passion consume you if you are going to accomplish anything dauntingly massive. Luckily having an obsessive addictive personality that I choose to embrace rather than attempt to mask this is second nature to me. While this personality trait does create some collateral damage along the way as long as its channeled in the right direction you can use it for good. Besides the 2.2 kids, dog that looks like lassie behind a white picket fence isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
  2. BRING IN THE RIGHT PARTNERS THEN EMPOWER THEM– the first step is brining in the right people to work with, I look for passion, intelligence, work ethic and attitude and care a lot less about resume since we are in the tech age where anything can be learned. Once you got the right people empower the hell out of them! Make sure they now they’re input is as valuable as your own and make sure they now your not creating some archaic hierarchy type of organization but rather a level playing field where all are free to contribute and all are valued for their contributions.
  3. BE DECISIVE BUT DON’T BE A DICK – people want you to make decisions but the key to making decisions in a co-collaborative environment is being able to explain why you are making the decisions you are and being flexible to allow your decisions to change based on new information or input from your team. Bottom line is know what you want and how you want to get there but don’t be unwilling to take others input, or simply just don’t be a dick about things.
  4. BREAK THINGS DOWN – there is an old saying how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That is how you accomplish massive goals, you break things down into small manageable tasks that when added up accomplish a massive goal. Making a movie seems like a massive undertaking but really is the accumulation of a series of small decisions and tasks that add up to magic on screen. Any massive goal can be broken down into small managable objectives and you need to do that to get from dream on your goal board to the reality of an accomplishment. For our film I am constantly breaking the process down into smaller decisions and steps to keep moving towards that final massive accomplishment and there thousands of little decisions and action steps that need to occur to get to final cut.
  5. PREPARE YOUR ASS OFF – the real secret to getting shit done is working your ass off, without dedication and a lot of hard work your really not getting anywhere. In a massive project like a feature film that work is mostly in preparation (the pre-production stage). This is where you have a chance to make something really special because of the time and effort you put in or make another generic meaningless forgettable pile of shit because you didn’t bust your ass. There is never any guarantees of success but to finish something you are proud of that lives up to your aspirations is really all you can ask for and let the results occur as they do.

Hopefully this helps someone looking at a mountain of an accomplishment wondering how the fuck they are going to climb it. If not at least it was a helpful reminder to me of what I need to focus on, now I am off to get shit done, make sure to follow me on twitter for more somewhat entertaining and somewhat enlightening musings as we spiral towards shooting our feature film!

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