Table Read, Travel and Food Poisoning

The warning – everything below is based on my personal experience for this production. As always these are my ramblings so please forgive any grammar or spelling errors cause I surly did not notice them.

Recently I held our first full cast table read which fortunately proved to be a real eye opener for me. On a side note I did acquire food poisoning while up in LA and living about 80 miles south of Hollywood I can assure you that driving home in Southern California traffic while feeling the effects of food poisoning is no pleasant experience but I got through it, got home and am ready to share what I learned.

The night before the table read I hosted the cast at a happy hour which proved to be real effective at providing a comfortable introduction for everyone and created a great atmosphere for everyone to get to know who they are going to be working with. I had a blast as I think everyone else did and it seemed all were real comfortable with each other.

So the next day we did our full table read. For me it revealed more than a few things. First my cast has the ability to make me look like a casting genius, really pleased with the level of talent we have and proved my different approach to the casting process should really pay off. Second I was left thinking I got a fuck load more work to do on the script. Hearing everything read out loud really shows you where your weak spots are and puts the issues to be addressed right in front of you so I have a ton of notes and ideas in my head of what I need to do next to make the script the very it can be before we shoot. A good revelation was the difficulty I had reading some scene description out loud in front of a group. For this project that is a good thing, we want scenes that are uncomfortable to read and watch since we are making horror not Peter Pan part two. We are looking to push the terror envelope so there should be things that are somewhat uncomfortable to read so I am glad I stumbled upon a few of those.

So with my notes and thoughts I now begin tearing my own script a new one and making changes as I await thoughts, ideas and suggestions from the cast on any changes they would like to see. While I address the script the great equipment hunt continues and for my fellow tech geeks my next post will cover the camera selection process so stay tuned!