Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite….

The warning – everything below is based on my personal experience for this production. As always these are my ramblings so please forgive any grammar or spelling errors cause I surly did not notice them.

All writing is rewriting – I have had to remind myself of that several million times over the past three weeks as I compiled feedback from my cast and tore through my script to try to address any issues and fix any weaknesses. I look at rewrites as an awesome opportunity to improve upon your work and I figured I’d share my thought process since I have been reminding myself of it for the past three weeks.

1)   Rewrite for story – story is the building block of all movies, unless your making a CGI orgy then nobody really cares much what the story is. For us story is key so my first thought at all time was how do we make the story better. The story really is our driver and it is key to accomplish our goal of transferring the terror from the screen to the audience, no small feet indeed.

2)   Rewrite for film – film is a visual medium and some of the rewrite had to do with making aspects more visually appealing and making the overall final product more visual interesting. This is where the look book comes in handy so you have an idea of how things will look and can figure out how to tweak them to make the end product better. This is also where you can identify things that would increase the production value and implement what you can.

3)   Rewrite for logistics – in reality you are only going to have so many hours over so many days to film in limited locations you can only modify so much so you need to make changes based on all those limitations. This is where lining the script and story boards come in handy so you can get an idea of what your shooting and how long it should take and make any changes necessary.

4)   Rewrite for props and effects – as props come in they can offer you unique elements to implement into the script so running through the script and making changes to capitalize on the unique aspects of those props and other effects you discover is a great way to improve your script.

So after all that I think we have a much better script for now at least. After another table read and getting more feedback we should have some more tweaks to make before we are in range of locking the script. That being said I couldn’t be more thankful for the time we have before we shoot to make everything the very best we can to provide our audience with the very best experience possible. Next up some equipment thoughts so stay tuned.

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