Preproduction Continues – the art of juggling chainsaws, pivoting & our first press

The warning – everything below is based on my personal experience for this production. As always these are my ramblings so please forgive any grammar or spelling errors cause I surly did not notice them.

Many times in my professional career I have found myself in a position that is best described as juggling chainsaws. As we sit in the heart of preproduction I think this is more like juggling chainsaws blindfolded with an angry monkey on my head. I figured this would be one of the hardest things I ever undertook and can see I was not wrong in that assumption. Preproduction involves a seemingly endless series of essential tasks and decisions to get to the point where you are can somewhat confidently shoot something that should not suck.

The list of things being worked on right now include wardrobe and prop selection and acquisition, shot listing, equipment selection, script breakdown, location considerations, marketing material creation and the necessary script edits those things will entail. At all times you have to be able to think through things from a logistical, practical and objective point of view. The most important thing to remember is your goal – in this case to create a horror film for true horror fans that is unique. All of this creates the need to be able to pivot accordingly.

Pivot time

All businesses especially new businesses and including a film production need to know how and when to pivot. Another business I am a partial owner of is going through a pivot right now, and I can tell you advising a number of companies on this process through the years the key to getting the most of your pivots is to make sure you are realigning your actions with your audience and goals as well as adjusting everything to the realities of your situation. Everyone likes to talk about goals but it is equally important to keep one foot grounded in reality so you pivots are practically and logistically possible. Pivots create all sorts of changes from strategic to personnel to component to operations and so on. While I do have help through this process I am doing a lot of it myself, not just because I am a control freak but hell this is my baby, my life long dream, and I really want to make something my fellow hardcore horror fans can enjoy.

For a film pivots must be made in the best interest of the goal in our case to make a true terror inducing unique horror film for true horror fans. Being a member of my own audience does make life a lot easier. You also need to deal with pragmatic aspects based on your resources and what you will be able to reasonable accomplish with those resources in the time you have. This stage of preproduction is all about these types of pivots so I don’t mind the endless hours spent banging my head on the desk if the end result is a movie us hardcore horror fans can enjoy.

During this hectic time demanding period I recently took a break to do our first bit of press for Agnation with the guys at The Horrific Network. Despite being at the stage of preproduction for a small indie film where time is time is scarce I was glad to take an hour and talk with Jimbo at the Horrific Network. These are guys who are hardcore horror fans doing a podcast for hardcore horror fans, so as a hardcore horror fan doing a movie for hardcore horror fans it was a natural fit. I had an absolute blast and I think we could of talked about all things horror for hours and I look forward to checking in with throughout our production process. You can listen to the complete show here, and be sure to show them some love on twitter here @HorrificP

So next up – the long awaited equipment post which should be entertaining for tech geeks like myself and hopefully at least amusing for the less tech inclined so stay tuned. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for regular updates on what the hell we are up to @ABIPRODUCTIONS1 and feel free to ask me whatever is on your mind.

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