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The warning – as always these ramblings are my unfiltered experiences through the filmmaking process. If you don’t really care how sausage is made then click away now, otherwise welcome to my world.

Just making a movie is difficult but making a movie the absolute best it can be is a monumental task. So much goes into the final look and feel of a film and a lot of that we can constantly tweak in post to give the audience the best experience possible. As a filmmaker a lot of this involves going out and getting meaningful and critical feedback on your cut, looking at your film with fresh and brutally honest eyes and pouring more time to make the changes needed to take your film to the next level. So after collecting that input and putting my film Agnation under the microscope over and over I came up with a list of things to do to make the film better, that list is about 200 hours worth of work so you know how I will be spending my January.

For a filmmaker taking in this level of criticism can be difficult, we are creatives and like most creatives we are often sensitive especially about our work, but improving your work is all about improving the audience experience and nothing is as important as the audience. Until the audience can view your work there is no reason not to try to make it the best it can be for that eventual audience. Another challenge here is a lot of this work is very technical and as creatives we want to create not be technicians but in today’s low margin indie film environment having the technical skills can be the difference between being able to justify funding your next movie or not. So we suffer, but the suffering is worth it when the audience has the best experience possible.

There was a big value that I can’t close with mentioning gained from not looking at the footage from Agnation for a couple weeks before re-evaluating the film. When the main edit was done I spent hours every day looking at the same footage over and over, so I not only knew what I had to work with, but also knew what I didn’t have. Taking that time off refreshed my mind enough so that I was able to look at it without that filter and came up with some changes I had to figure out how to do but with some work are do-able and absolutely worthwhile.

So Happy New Year and excuse me while I step into my editing cave for the next month. Make sure you follow me on twitter and stay tuned our trailer will be out shortly after I emerge from the editing cave!

Happy New Year!

Dan Swift

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