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Horror Feature Film Agnation to Premiere at Motor City Nightmares

Agnation, the feature film debut of writer and director Dan Swift will be premiering at Motor City Nightmare on Saturday April 23rd at 8:45pm. Agnation is the story of a freshly minted real estate agent who along with a close friend buys a house sight unseen at auction for a quick flip to cover the […]

6 Reflections on a film Re-edit

So I have been absent for a while working on a major re-edit of my feature film debut Agnation. Emerging from my editing cave with the usual warning – everything here is my personal take on my experience making my first feature film. I do cuss a lot, both in real life and on paper […]

New Year New Film Edit

The warning – as always these ramblings are my unfiltered experiences through the filmmaking process. If you don’t really care how sausage is made then click away now, otherwise welcome to my world. Just making a movie is difficult but making a movie the absolute best it can be is a monumental task. So much goes […]

A Peak Behind the Curtain – The Editing Process

For a filmmaker the editing process can be like a walk through hell that is so terrifying that Dante didn’t even mention it. You basically spend hundreds of hours staring at your footage noticing what you did wrong or should have done differently. But that is a healthy process because it means that you are […]

Reflections on shooting our first feature film

Having recently wrapped our principal photography (that is the meat of our shooting) I must say the process of making a movie has been the most stressful and exciting episode in my professional career. Not only would I gladly do it again, but hell I can’t wait to do it again! Now sure there are […]