Ideas are Easy Execution is a Bitch

In a recent meeting with my production coordinator it became clear I needed to put all my thoughts down into a working document so everyone could be on the same page. A good production coordinator not only has to help you execute your vision but also has to be able to communicate that vision to the rest of the crew and staff, and in order to do that they need a real clear idea of what the hell your vision is. In our case this is made even more necessary since I am a details person and some of my decisions are very unique because I am trying to make a unique film.

So to do this I built off a basic operating document I have used in other business ventures through the years. It basically outlines what we want to do, how we are going to do it, why we are making those decisions, impact of those decisions and next required steps. This isn’t a complicated document, I create a basic Word document breaking each part down with a simple outline structure so that the document can easily be altered as we progress because believe me changes will be necessary. In the early stages this has to be looked at as a breathing document that can easily be altered as time goes by to make the end product the best it possibly can be and the ensure you are adapting to the ever changing outside world. In doing this I try to lay out everything I can as concisely as I can so it can be easily understood by all those fortunate enough not to have to live in my head. The more details and the more explanation the better so that everyone can get on that same page as quickly as possible. Once we have this document to work from then we can expand it and we can have more meaningful dialogue throughout the production.

What you are really doing here is preparing your ideas for execution, and like the title says ideas are easy but execution is a bitch so put in the time to make sure all those awesome ideas can actually be turned into something. I was greatly helped in this process because I have an amazing production coordinator who wanted depth and details on the production which is why bringing in the right people with the drive, passion and intelligence to make your film better is essential.

Included in our next step is crew interviews, music selection, wardrobe selection and location scouting so if you want to be part of the team be sure to email me directly at and we will be in touch.