Stephanie Edmonds as Maya in Agnation

Throughout her career, Stephanie Edmonds has opted to take on characters dealing with sensitive and controversial issues of social importance. Edmonds can be seen in the psycho-sexual thriller SafeWord, in which she plays the films deeply conflicted heroin, Sabina, struggling through unconventional means to overcome a disarmingly horrific rape. The film unveils a raw and strikingly honest portrayal of a young woman struggling to triumph over Post-traumatic Stress Disorder through means that would unhinge even the most anomalous of us all. In Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown, Cassidy Caufield’s longtime boyfriend is stolen from her by the school’s infamous bitch – head prefect Lanie Simpson, played by Edmonds. The Caufield sisters embark upon a mission to set the record straight once and for all – armed with a gas-fed beast and a bloody thirst for revenge. Edmonds engaged in months of parkour, muay thai, and rigorous combat training with a live 50 pound chainsaw to prepare for her role as Lanie Simpson. To this day, she thrives on performing her own stunt work. With an exotic look and a strong ear for dialects, Edmonds dazzles audiences in foreign-language films: Rebel and Peter & the Messiah. Shot entirely in Hebrew, Edmonds plays Mary Magdalene in Sam Siregar’s biblical film Peter and the Messiah. Alongside Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side, Left Behind) and Hollywood newcomer Shaheed Sabrin, Edmonds plays Aaron’s seductive and demonic belly-dancing undertaker in fantastical adventure, Rebel, about a Moroccan teen who moves to America to become a rockstar. Stephanie Edmonds in Agnation