Catching up – Where Did 6 Months Go?

Catching up – Where Did 6 Months Go?

Ok so after realizing it’s been like six months since my lazy ass managed to write anything here I figured I should catch up anyone reading this on what’s been happening.

Agnation had a great short festival run, then I put it back into post to make some changes based on seeing it on a massive theater screen and getting some industry feedback. A couple highlights for me on this first short festival run were having the film play on a big theater screen at the Grove theater in LA as part of the Independent Filmmakers Showcase (IFS) film festival, and our festival debut at Motor City Nightmares horror festival and convention. Both of these events were amazing, treated us amazingly well and truly appreciate indie films and filmmakers and I will be talking more about our festival experiences in a later post. Now that the re-edit of Agnation is almost complete I hope we can have another great festival run in 2017.

On the personal side I moved from Southern California back home to South Carolina, renovated my house here and adopted a rescue pitbull. Wait why would I move AWAY from Southern California to make movies? Well that will be the subject of another post but I can assure you that you do not have to be in LA to make movies, and hell you might be much, much better off making movies somewhere other than LA.

A lot of my free time has been spent pondering lessons learned from making my first film. I like to own every mistake made on projects I am involved in then stew on on them a bit and then come up with a plan so they won’t be repeated. Oh and yeah stewing on your mistakes sucks but it is an important part of the process of improving how you do what you do. In fact I will be sharing some of these mistakes and what I took away from them in upcoming posts.

Upcoming projects for 2017 – well on top of what I hope is a busy festival run for Agnation I am also working on a new project that is smart, funny, sexy and of course gory. Very different from the extremely dark tone of Agnation and actually a lot bigger project so if you interested in being part of it follow me on twitter and message me there to be kept in the loop. On top of all that I am also helping produce a couple projects and looking for a few more to get involved in, working on building a local filmmakers group and trying to teach my 5 year old rescue pitbull a new trick or two, should be a busy year!

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