Agnation to Have West Coast Premiere as Part of IFS

Agnation, the feature film debut of writer and director Dan Swift coming off a successful world premiere at Motor City Nightmares, will have its west coast premiere at The Independent Filmmakers Showcase of Los Angeles (IFS) on Wednesday May 25th at 2:30 pm at the Pacific Theaters at The Grove.

 Tickets to Agnation and other IFS events are available here

Agnation is the story of a freshly minted real estate agent who along with a close friend purchases a house sight unseen at auction for a quick flip to cover the costs of her sick mother’s medical expenses. Things take a turn for the worse when the run into the previous owners who have a pressing family need of their own.

Agnation is described as a gritty, fast paced, brutal, old school blood bath harkening back to the shocking, social commentary filled independent horror films of the 70s but paced for a modern movie audience.

Our team is honored to be part of IFS and appreciate the opportunity to have our West Coast Premiere at an impressive venue like the Pacific Theaters at the Grove. IFS is an amazing festival truly dedicated to bringing independent cinema to Hollywood and has been an absolute joy to work with as a filmmaker.

About IFS

Founded in 1993 the Independent Filmmakers Showcase supports the creation of new cinemas for independent film screenings, film forums and preservation of classic film venues; fostering a large community of filmmakers, students, and industry professionals dedicated to independent cinema.


IFS was formed to discover groundbreaking cinema; providing development opportunities for filmmakers through showcases, events, and the annual IFS Film Festival.


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